Movie Review: ‘Ten Minutes to Midnight’

The other night I watched a little vampire movie called, TEN MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT.

A veteran disc jockey, up for replacement by a younger model, is bitten by a rabid bat on the eve of her last broadcast. As she gradually transforms into a blood sucking vampire her lecherous boss and unsavioury co-workers are in for the night of their lives.


I did. I really. I thought it was a fun, trippy ride of a movie.

First, I really enjoyed the whole radio station vibe…a lot of you might not know this…but I was a radio jock back in my younger days. I never had to deal with vampires but I did witness some crazy times.

Second, I really, really liked all of the cast. It’s cool when I like and believe everyone on the screen. Like seriously, who ever casted everyone. Great job.

Third, the movie had the right amount of gore, freaky stuff, sexiness, comedy, drama – everything. I thought it was a well rounded horror flick.

TEN MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT might be your kind of movie. It ended up being mine.


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