Movie Review: ’47 Meters Down: Uncaged’

Last night while waiting for the wifey to get home from a work meeting…47 METERS DOWN: UNCAGED was one of two movies I watched to kill time.


It wasn’t bad. I gotta say, I’m a fan of this franchise. Have y’all seen 2017’s 47 METERS DOWN starring my two ❤️ Claire Holt and Mandy Moore? Ohh mannn, crazy stuff right there….oh and after watching that movie – I decided I would never cage dive in the ocean.

Now after watching 47 METERS DOWN: UNCAGED…I will never do cave diving.


47 METERS DOWN: UNCAGED had a lot of new faces for me. I recognized Nia Long, John Corbett and Sly’s daughter Sistine Stallone. I thought everyone including the folks I didn’t know did a great job.

The movie starts off kind of cheesy, happy and you might think, “Why am I watching this?” But never fear – that’s just the appetizer. 😂 Before you know it – DEEP UNDERWATER “BLIND” Great White Sharks go on a killing spree!! This movie has plenty of “jumps” and “paper bag moments.” Just when the girls escape from the under water caves…they then have to the deal with UNDERWATER “NOT BLIND” Great White Sharks…that whole end scene was berserk!

If anyone’s wondering which one I liked best….hmmmmm….I would have to go with the first one. But…as long as they keep making these 47 METERS DOWN movies…I’ll keep watching them. 😎


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