Movie Review: ‘Old Henry’

Tim Blake Nelson in ‘Old Henry’ COURTESY OF SHOUT! FACTORY

Old Henry.

A while back I stumbled on to the trailer on Apple TV and thought, “Man, this looks pretty good.” Then I wanna say, a month later — I found the movie on Showtime’s On Demand. It was pretty late that night and I figured I’d watch about 20 minutes of it, crash then watch it the next night after the boys went down.

WRONG! Oh so wrong.

Tim lake Nelson who plays papa farmer is soooooo damn good. Stephen Dorff, Trace Atkins, Gavin Lewis, Scott Haze and everyone else was pretty dope.

I thought the story was freaking great! It starts off calm — then when the father and son duo meet the stranger — he can feel something’s a comin’ — then when it pops off — IT. POPS. OFF!

I thought the action and twists were awesome. I don’t wanna give anymore away — but I do think OLD HENRY is totally worth the watch!

Potsy Ponciroli — great freaking job!!

OLD HENRY is one of the best westerns I’ve seen in a minute. Watch it if you can.


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