Residente Gets Real About New Single and Video “This Is Not America” in Live Q&A  With Special Guest LaKeith Stanfield on Amazon Music

During the conversation, moderated by Rob Markman, the Puerto Rican rapper and the American actor discussed themes that ranged from the use of the word “America” to colorism in our communities and coming together in unity, all stemming from Residente’s new music video “This Is Not America”

Listen to Residente’s “This Is Not America” on the playlist “Sin Filtro” on Amazon Music


Award-winning Latin rapper, composer, producer, filmmaker, visionary, and activist Residente participated in a candid live Q&A on the Amazon Music channel on Twitch after the release of his newest single and music video in 18 months, “This Is Not America.” 

The Q&A was moderated by influential music-journalist-turned-rapper (and host of Rap Rotation Radio on Amazon Music) Rob Markman. Also joining the Q&A was special guest LaKeith Stanfield, known for his Oscar-nominated performance in Judas and the Black Messiah, his critically acclaimed role as Darius in Atlanta, and films like Sorry to Bother YouGet Out, and many others.

Residente started the chat by explaining he was doing this panel in English because people who speak Spanish “understand America goes beyond the U.S.,” and he wanted this message to reach a wider audience. 

“We want to be included, and the way we should be included is not being excluded, because we’re being excluded every time you refer to you as ‘America.’ It’s a little detail, but it works in your psychology,” Residente observed. He went on to say that this is another way of colonization, and shared he’s meeting with linguistic experts in different universities to find a conciliatory term. 

Residente and Stanfield  continued the conversation, touching upon the subject of white privilege, colorism within our communities, and calling our communities to unite. 

“More of us are connected through things that are more tangible than the way that we’re separated by simple titles and names, land masses, geographical lines, imaginary lines that are drawn in the sand to say ‘This is your part, and this is our part,’” Stanfield said. “A lot of the times, when we talk about America we refer to the U.S.A., and we don’t mention South America often, or even Canada as the Americas, the landmass. I think that’s a nice thing to point out because it makes people pay attention to the words we’re using.”

To wrap up the Q&A, Markman asked Residente questions from fans, which included, whether “in the spirit of unity” he would consider meeting with J Balvin after a highly publicized feud, to which he said that “to sit down with him … and to talk to him, yeah, of course. I would love that, actually.” 

“This Is Not America” visually showcases wisdom, historical social/political rises and falls, righteous rage, and bravery, which denounces a continental system constructed on colonialism, slavery, and exploitation. The song and video are available now on Amazon Music.


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