Movie Review: “Scream” (2022)

Well, I finally made time to watch 2022’s SCREAM on Paramount+.

Yeah, I think my 4yo is going to be a pretty bummed that I watched it without him. He happens to be a horror fan like his dad. True story.

So. What’s SCREAM about?!

It takes place 25 years after Ghostface kills a bunch of people in the good ole town of Woodsboro. In this movie, a new killer puts on the Ghostface mask and starts slashing kids, loners, law enforcement and whoever else that gets in Ghostface’s way.

We do meet a bunch of new teens – some happen to be related to some of the original victims and….well…no spoilers.

What else can I say? Hmmmmmmm…some of the teens team up with some of the OG’s to take on Ghostface…and with their help…they try to figure out who the killer is once again.

What did I think of it?!

I really, really enjoyed the movie. I thought having Gale, Sidney and Dewey in this was great. Gale and Sidney’s chemistry was awesome. I could have used more blood, gore and slashing but it worked for me. I thought the new teens were cool and mixed well with my OG’s.

Yeah, I thought it was a dope movie, totally worth the watch and I’m ready for SCREAM 6.

Did you watch it? What did you think?


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