Movie Review: ‘jackass forever’

Knock! Knock! Who is it?! #JackassForever 🐂

I watched it the other night on @paramountplus and it was insane!!! I was either laughing my ass off or saying to myself, “WTF?!” 🤪 It was nuts…oh and speaking about nuts…there’s a lot in this movie. 😂 I’m glad I took the wifey’s advice to watch it first before letting the boys watch it. 😂 @johnnyknoxville @steveo and the guys STILL got it!! Now only if I could get my wife to watch. 🤔 @jackass forever now on blu-ray and digital. (and #paramountplus)

4yo Jaxon – “Dada, is that dinosaur from Jurassic Park?!”

Me: “Ughhh not exactly. It’s from a Godzilla monster movie.” 🤣 @chrispontius


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