Movie Review: ‘Lightyear’

For Father’s Day…the family took me to the movies and it was a blast!!

As you can see from my Instagram post – we saw the first showing of LIGHTYEAR. Crazy thing is…I hadn’t been to a ‘movie theater’ movie since 2019. Crazy. I know.


I thought it was great! It such a great, funny, action packed movie. It was great to finally see the backstory of the famous TOY STORY toy, Buzz Lightyear.

I thought the voice cast was great. Sox the robot cat was hilarious and super cool. My boys loved Sox and Buzz’s team.

LIGHTYEAR is totally worth the watch so go see this movie. Take the whole family!!

…and for those of you who are wondering, “Mike. What did you think of the girl on girl kiss?” Yeah. About that…I didn’t even notice or know about the whole “kiss” scene till my mother-in-law asked how it was. I answered her with, “Huh, what kiss?” After she explained the whole “drama” behind it – – I had to look it up – – I finally found the clip on YouTube and said, “THAT’S the kiss?! That’s what people are talking about?” Yeah. I must be slow because I didn’t even notice it – nor did my boys.

Wow. We got bigger shit to be worrying about in my opinion. 😂

Go see LIGHTYEAR. It’s a great feel good movie.


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