‘He Dreams Of Giants’ | Release Announcement & Trailer – A Terry Gilliam Documentary

From the team behind Lost in La Mancha, HE DREAMS OF GIANTS is the culmination of a trilogy of documentaries that have followed film director Terry Gilliam over a twenty-five-year period. Charting Gilliam’s final, beleaguered quest to adapt Don Quixote, this documentary is a potent study of creative Obsession. Combining immersive verité footage of Gilliam’s production with intimate interviews and archival footage from the director’s entire career, HE DREAMS OF GIANTS is a revealing character study of a late-career artist, and a meditation on the value of creativity in the face of mortality.


Twitter: @DreamsOfGiants

Facebook: @HeDreamsOfGiants

Instagram: @HeDreamsOfGiantsMovie


Rotten Tomatoes



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