TV Review: ‘Chucky’

The other night I finally finished watching the first season of Chucky! I totally forgot how good this series was. I had started it a long time ago when it was airing on USA but stopped watching because work got hectic and my boys got a little crazy. 😂

I finally restarted it on Peacock and I’m glad I did! Man! The episodes kept getting better and better…and the finale . WHOA!

I thought it was great seeing all the past Chucky movies characters returning for the series. It was great seeing how they made everything gel together. Chucky was awesome. His kills and one liners were great.

Jennifer Tilly is back as Tiffany and that was great to see. She was perfect.

I think the Chucky series is totally worth the watch. It was entertaining from start to finish. Great young cast keeping the franchise alive. Great writing, directing and special efx.

We did get some great news recently – Season 2 premieres Oct. 5 on the USA Network and SYFY so save the date!!


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