Movie Review: ‘SAMARITAN’

Did you just stab me?!

The other night, I jumped on Prime Video and checked out Sylvester Stallone‘s the action movie, SAMARITAN.

PEOPLE. I was patiently waiting for this movie to arrive ever since Sly posted a tease on his Instagram. (Yes, I follow the dude.) 😎


I thought it was great! Sly at 76 did the damn thing! I totally believed him as the hero. He was great. I thought he and the kid (Javon Walton) had great chemistry.

Got Rocky vibes y’all

I thought the rest of the cast was cool as well. The action was on point. I wasn’t spoiled by the trailer which is always a good thing. 👍 There’s this one part…wait! NO SPOILERS! 😂 But I gotta say…my mouth dropped open…I had to rewatch the scene like three times. It was nuts.

If you’ve got Prime Video – it’s totally worth the watch.

Oh and more thing…I don’t know about y’all (those who have watched it already)…seeing Sly walk around with the kid – and especially teaching the kid how to fight…gave me ROCKY goosebumps!!

Get More Samaritan:




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