TV Review: ‘THE BEAR’

I knew I wanted to watch this series after watching the trailer…I just didn’t know if my wife would watch it with me.

So. We tried it out and BAM!! She liked it!

For me…it’s one of my favorite series. THE BEAR is so damn good!! If you haven’t tried it out – it’s totally worth the watch.

The cast is freaking awesome!! I really like all the characters in the show and that’s a WOW kind of thing for me. If I like all the good and bad – that means I really dig something…and this show is one of them.

Jeremy Allen White. Man! This dude right here – – he’s got some scenes – – man…unbelievable. Just watch the series.

We checked it out on Hulu but it airs on FX. We’re so ready for season 2!

Hmmmmm…maybe we should try out SHAMELESS?!


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