091 Pictures global TVOD/Digital release of Auroris Media’s inspirational, fast moving, and timely feature documentary “Sextortion: The Hidden Pandemic”  from director, editor & producer Maria Peek, p.g.a. (“I Dream of Dance,” “Third Grade”) and producer & cinematographer Stephen Peek, p.g.a. (“Unacknowledged,” “Renegade”) is available worldwide to rent or buy on all TVOD/digital platforms. 

As October is Mental Health Awareness Month, this fascinating film could not be more perfectly timed to help its audiences. The film merges true crime with an empowering educational opportunity that provides families with essential ways to keep their children safe on the Internet. As parents themselves, the filmmakers experienced Sextortion in real time through one of their children’s classmates, and it inspired them to be the change they want to see in the world. With a rapidly moving running time of 85 minutes, you will be engaged and inspired to help save kids around the globe once you watch this documentary. 

“Sextortion: The Hidden Pandemic,”  made its world premiere at this year’s Santa Barbara International Film Festival as part of the Social Justice Feature Documentaries, and recently through the Spotlight Docs Series (a 501c3 that the filmmakers founded), the film recently completed a sold-out 20+ city educational tour around the country (to audiences over 5,000 people), where the filmmakers, and Federal agents who ran the landmark case (declassified for first time in this film), have been onsite to experience the emotional and powerful moments—where victims and victims’ families spoke up during the post screening Q&A’s. They have over 200 additional requests across the globe asking for an educational screening series in their cities.  The EU Parliament and The Pentagon have begun planning screenings with the filmmakers for later this year.

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