Movie Review: THE QUARRY (En El Pozo)

Yesterday I finally finished watching THE QUARRY!

A rural girl introduces her new city boyfriend to her small town friends by arranging a picnic in the countryside. But as jealousies are revealed and bonds are broken, the day quickly spirals into murder.

It took me a couple of days (the boys) but I finally finished it and man!!! Did I like it!

THE QUARRY is a dope movie y’all. It’s in Spanish with English subtitles. As soon as the movie starts – you’re like, “ahhhh two love birds.” But then…you quickly say to yourself, “Heyyyy that’s her boyfriend.” Oh yeah. After all that good stuff – – the entire movie gets intense…you’re just waiting for it to pop off and when it finally does…IT DOES!!!

I thought the cast was great. I wasn’t familiar with any of them but man! They did a great job at getting my emotions going. I wanted to karate chop most of them, most of the time BUT…there was one individual who I liked all the time and that was Tola played by Luis Pazos.

Tola played by Luis Pazos

I also enjoyed the film’s score – it totally fit the intensity of the movie.

As you can see, I enjoyed the movie. If this seems like a movie you’d watch – it’s available to stream on Tubi for free. WATCH HERE

If you watch it – let me know you thoughts!


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