Bad Bunny Fans! Check this out…

Amazon Music Releases Part Two of La Cuna del Dembow, an Exclusive Documentary That Traces the Evolution of the Dembow Movement

Part two features an exclusive interview with global superstar Bad Bunny

The documentary is produced by Jessy Terrero and is available exclusively on Amazon Music and Prime Video

Amazon Music premiered part two of La Cuna del Dembow, completing the two-part documentary produced by veteran director/producer Jessy Terrero. The documentary traces the evolution of the Dembow movement, which originated in the Dominican Republic, and has reached global status. La Cuna del Dembow is available to stream on Amazon Music and on Prime Video.

Special guests telling the story of this movimiento include Bad Bunny—who has the first Dembow ever nominated for a Latin Grammy, “Tití Me Preguntó”—Chimbala, Pablo Piddy, Yailin la Más Viral, La Insuperable, La Materialista, Farruko, Kiko El Crazy, Santiago Matías, Rochy RD, Bulin 47, Bulova, Lírico, Yomel El Meloso, and many more artists and personalities who have elevated the voices coming out of el bajo mundo.  

“I remember when I’d hear commentary such as, ‘Dembow will never go global until Dominicans change their slang, because nobody understands them,’ and in the end, I think that’s precisely what’s delivering the best results at a global level,” says superstar Bad Bunny. “[Dominicans] are taking their culture, their slang, and their codes to the world, and that’s what’s grabbing people’s attention; that’s what you want to get to know and be a part of.”

La Cuna del Dembow gives insight into the history of the genre and its influence on Dominican urban culture, straight from those who experienced its rise firsthand. The second part touches on the globalization of the genre and the discrimination it has faced due to its humble beginnings, breaking down its formula from the beats and types of Dembow, the inspiration behind the lyrics—which, most of its exponents agree, comes from their lived experiences—and a homage to the women who are unapologetically paving their way in a male-dominated space and opening new paths for up-and-coming generations.

The anticipated second part will double as an introduction and advanced master class for new and longtime fans of Dembow, with one-of-a-kind advice from the leaders of this movement to all the young talents trying to get their voices heard. 

“New talents just need to enjoy the process, not stress about it,” says Kiko El Crazy. “When you’re making a Dembow you live it and love it, and that way people who listen to it will also love it, too.”

“I would say to never abandon the essence of what a Dembow is, their essence as a person, the essence of where they come from, and their culture, and while keeping this in mind, to also find how to elevate and bring something new to the table, something that is uniquely theirs,” Bad Bunny adds.

The documentary is part of EL GÉNERO on Amazon Music, a hub that features new music, programming, and editorial content that highlights the diversity and globalization of the urbano movement. 

The documentary is accompanied by a playlist titled “Bajo Mundo,” which features some of the top Dembow hits by artists like El Alfa, Tokischa, and Chimbala.


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