Don’t Miss the Iconic Disney Reunion in the Sequel “DISENCHANTED”

Don’t miss the iconic Disney reunion in the sequel “DISENCHANTED”

Available on Disney Plus starting today!

Disney movies have captured the hearts of many over the years with their magic and fun-filled stories. 15 years ago, Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey starred in the iconic film of a fairy tale princess who is sent to a place where Happily Ever Afters do not exist, New York City. “Enchanted” definitely ‘enchanted’ its audiences with its duality between the world of animation and the real world, making it an iconic Disney film. Very soon, it will do the same with its sequel, bringing together the original cast and new members such as the renowned Latino actor Oscar Nuñez and comedian Maya Rudolph.

After 15 long years, the continuation of this fairy tale story arrives on, “Disenchanted”. The delightful sequel will give us a glimpse into Giselle’s life, having found her Prince Charming in New York and starting a new adventure alongside Robert, her stepdaughter Morgan, and the latest addition to the Philip family, their little daughter Sophia.

The trailer gives us a sneak peek at what to expect from this story that arrives just in time for the holiday season. We will see the sweet princess Giselle as something never seen before – a fairy tale villain! The film will explore what it really means to find a Happily Ever After as our world doesn’t work like a fairy tale. A phenomenal soundtrack, impressive costumes, and a lot of magic from Andalasia are expected.

Amy Adams returns as “Giselle”, Patrick Dempsey as “Robert”, James Mardsen as “Prince Edward”, Idina Menzel as “Nancy”, and we will see again the cute squirrel and friend of the protagonist, “Pip”. 

Among the new characters, Cuban Oscar Nuñez arrives as “Edgar/Magic Mirror”, Maya Rudolph as “Malvina”, Yvette Nicole Brown as “Rosaleen”, and Jayma Mays as “Ruby”.



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