Movie Review: FEAR PHARM 2

The other night, night, night I watched FEAR PHARM on Netflix (the DVD)…and yes…I still get the DVDs…it’s like Christmas for your mailbox. 😂


Check out the trailer…


Well…it kind of fell short for me. See. I’m a big fan of the first one…and when I first heard about a Part 2 and Part 2 even having some of the original cast in it – I was pumped! I was hoping for Part 2 to be better than the first one or at least be as good.

Nope. For me…it was missing something…and it made me sad.

I wonder if we’re get a FEAR PHARM 3? I’d watch it. 😎

Let me know your thoughts on Part 2. Did you see it? Did YOU like it? Will there be a Part 3?

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