Movie Review: TROLL

I finally finished watching Netflix’s TROLL…yeah…it took me 2 days to watch…kids. 😂


People are blasting mountain sides in Norway and accidentally wake up a HUGEEE and ancient troll. Of course, Mr. Troll is like, “What the hell is going on?” “Where my people at?” and decides to go for a walk through the mountain range for all to see. The Prime Minister and military aren’t having it and decide to call in a scientist to come help with the situation. With her help, the Prime Minister’s assistant and Captain Kris – they set out to stop Mr. Troll.


I really enjoyed it…like a lot. I thought the troll was hella dope. I loved how at times – I thought of the troll being a gentle giant…but when it came time to smashing things – the troll got the job done. You definitely feel for the troll at times.

I thought the cast and characters were great. I was especially a fan of Papa Tobias! He was hilarious…a lot of the times.

I thought the action was great. Troll vs Military was on point. I was also a fan of the troll folklore used in the film. I liked how stories of troll fairytales were used – – it definitely made ya think. Damn cover ups! 😂

I think TROLL is totally worth a watch.

Oh and one more thing…if you watch it on Netflix – make sure you watch it with English subtitles.

If you watch TROLL…let me know what you think of it.


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