Prime Video Reveals First-Look Images and Premiere Date for MY FAULT

The film based on the first book of Mercedes Ron’s 
Culpables trilogy will premiere on June 8

Prime Video has unveiled the premiere date and first-look images for the eagerly awaited film My Fault, based on Mercedes Ron’s best-selling Culpables trilogy (Culpa míaCulpa tuyaCulpa nuestra). The film stars Nicole Wallace (Skam EspañaParot), Gabriel Guevara (Mañana es hoyHit), Marta Hazas (Días mejoresPequeñas coincidencias), Iván Sánchez (BoséHospital Central), Eva Ruiz and Victor Varona (Cielo grandeDani Who?). My Fault will premiere June 8 on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide.

Noah has to leave her town, boyfriend and friends behind and move into the mansion of William Leister, her mother’s new rich husband. Seventeen years old, proud and independent, Noah resists living in a mansion surrounded by luxury. There, she meets Nick, her new stepbrother, and the clash of their strong personalities becomes evident from the very beginning. Noah soon discovers that behind the image of a model son, Nick hides a life of fighting, gambling and illegal car racing–exactly what she has always run away from.

Despite the abyss between them, both begin to feel an irresistible attraction that will soon turn into pure fire and unbridled passion. Neither the ongoing rivalry, nor the opposition of those around them can prevent them from falling secretly and madly in love. But Nick’s turbulent present and Noah’s stormy past will put to a test both their lives and their forbidden love.

The new original film My Fault is produced by Pokeepsie Films (Veneciafrenia30 CoinsThe bar), with Álex de la Iglesia and Carolina Bang as producers and Domingo González as director and screenwriter. 


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