Movie Review: HALLOWEEN ENDS (Spoilers)

I’m kind of late when it comes to HALLOWEEN ENDS…I needed the night the be perfect. No interruptions. 😎

When it comes to this review…I did something a little different. I was typing up notes WHILE watching the movie.


WHAT DID I THINK OF HALLOWEEN ENDS? (watched and reviewed at the same time)

Michael scenes were cool in the first hour. 🎃

The whole Corey being a nerd then slowing becoming dark and evil just didn’t vibe with me. It totally gave me CHRISTINE vibes though. You know. 80’s movie…this dude becoming another person…

Except, I enjoyed CHRISTINE more.

In the first hour…the whole love my story….just wasn’t vibing for me. 😟

Now…as I’m watching and writing this…yep…this very moment. Laurie has just woken Corey up…it looks like Mama Grandma is about to call out his shit! I really hope this is the turning point for this movie and it’s about to get good!


I thought everyone raised Allyson as a bad ass?! She was raised by two strong ladies but now…Corey is clouding her kind?! Whaaaaa?! Come on now? 😭

Ok. Back to the movie…

This fool just stole Michael’s mask?! Whaaaaaa!!! Come on now!! 🤬

Ok. How the hell is Allyson blaming everything on Laurie?! Yeah. Allyson is working my last nerve. 😂😂 

Ok. Junkyard scene. That was pretty epic. Michael would be proud Corey. 😂

Ok. Radio station. Dopeeee!! 🎶

Ok. Those last 20 minutes were good. The Laurie and Michael throwdown worked for me.

Allyson’s change of heart…it took long enough. 😡

Is the Halloween franchise officially done? Probably not. 😂

Halloween Ends gets a…

Rating: 3 out of 5.

From me. I love, love this franchise. If they make another one – I’ll definitely watch it. HALLOWEEN ENDS just fell a little short for me…HALLOWEEN KILLS felt more of a Michael finale.

What did you think? 

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