Howdy y’all! It’s Mike from Houston.

😉 My birth name is Mike Mireles and my ‘radio’ alias is Mike Pierce.

I’m a retired radio jock who once lived the record business. I’ve had some great times in the movie/tv marketing universe. I’ve even hosted a few times at the San Diego Comic-Con (such a blast!).

I’m currently in the marketing/social media world here in Houston and have been blogging for 11 years now…hell, it could be 12 years. I really need to look it up. 😂 I used to have a blog called, iWatchMike.com and one day during these crazy Covid times – I deleted everything. I so needed a break.

But now…I’m back!! Starting over…from scratch. 😬

Here on FamilyFeelGood.com – I plan on posting everything to movies, TV, food, kids, parents stuff, podcasts and more.

Yeah. Blogging is my therapy.